Robert Kloosterhuis
  • General

    • Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk Gift Cards
    • Baileys (any size)
    • Heatonist Giftcard $10
      heatonist.com https://heatonist.com/products/gift-card?variant=415015305225
    • Money for Garden - To redo Front or Back garden
    • LEGO 10316 Icons THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RIVENDELL, Bouw en Toon Midden-aarde Model, Meeslepende Grote Set voor Volwassenen met 15 Minifiguur Personages, Inclusief Frodo, Sam en Bilbo Baggins
    • Lego Wishlist
      www.lego.com https://www.lego.com/shared-wishlist/d5cb7386-cc3d-4c6b-a592-dd846ee373e3
    • Timber&Jack Alpaca wool Jumper (Large)
      www.timber-jack.com https://www.timber-jack.com/products/the-woodland-alpaka-anthrazit-herren?variant=46488022810965
    • Dark Blue Huggie
      www.intratuin.nl https://www.intratuin.nl/unique-living-trui-met-capuchon-donkerblauw-onesize.html
  • Home Electronics

    • A digital photo frame. Nothing too fancy, with wifi.. Google photos or dropbox support would be a plus.
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    • Pixel8 (in black) (not the pro version) (~600 euro)
      store.google.com https://store.google.com/product/pixel_8?utm_source=keyword&utm_medium=google_oo&utm_campaign=GS107702&utm_content=blog&hl=da
  • Analogue Photography

    • Fujifilm Fujicolor 200 135/36
    • 10.x15cm photo frames single or group to hang on wall or stand on desk
    • Ilford HP5 Plus 135/36
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    • CINESTILL XPRO 50 DAYLIGHT C-41 135/36 135mm (16,99)
      www.kamera-express.nl https://www.kamera-express.nl/cinestill-xpro-50-daylight-c-41-135-36
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    • Kodak Gold 200 GB 135-36 3-pack
    • Kodak Gold 200 met 36 opnames │Fotorolletje │Filmrolletje │Kleinbeeld │135 │Fotorol │Analoog│200 iso│200 asa
    • Kodak Portra 400 135/36
    • Kodak Ektar 100 135-36
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  • 4K Blu-ray

    • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray)
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    • Arrival (4K Ultra HD) (+ Blu-ray 2D)
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    • Blade Runner 2049 (4K Ultra HD) (+ Blu-ray)
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    • Top Gun: Maverick (4k Ultra HD)
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    • The Matrix 4-Film Collection Zavvi Exclusive 4K Ultra HD Steelbook Boxset (includes Blu-ray)
      www.zavvi.com https://www.zavvi.com/4k/the-matrix-4-film-collection-zavvi-exclusive-4k-ultra-hd-steelbook-boxset-includes-blu-ray/13736258.html?affil=thggpsad&switchcurrency=EUR&shippingcountry=NL&&thg_ppc_campaign=71700000098821845&gclid=CjwKCAiAy_CcBhBeEiwAcoMRHNisjtDWp4EwMMxROqVcWsFFRz-5DkQJwiag3c6_VGCd7rMIihYq2BoCM2EQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
    • Star Trek: The Original Motion 4K Ultra HD Picture Collectie 1-6 (Inclusief Blu-ray)
      www.zavvi.nl https://www.zavvi.nl/4k/star-trek-the-original-motion-4k-ultra-hd-picture-collection-1-6-includes-blu-ray/13924603.html
    • Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Complete Box Set (4K UHD) (Import), Carrie Fischer | Dvd's | bol.com
    • Donnie Darko, Onbekend | Dvd's | bol.com 4K Ultra HD
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  • Clothing

    • Typhoon Sub Tshirt XL (~50 euro including shipping)
      covert-shores.creator-spring.com https://covert-shores.creator-spring.com/listing/typhoon-submarine-1?product=387&variation=101810&size=3081
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    • full-flow-staged-combustion-cycle-tee XL (~ 60 euro, has to ship from US)
      shop.everydayastronaut.com https://shop.everydayastronaut.com/collections/apparel/products/full-flow-staged-combustion-cycle-tee
    • Fetlife Hoody (L)
      kinkytease.com https://kinkytease.com/?utm_source=fetlife&utm_medium=top_banner&utm_campaign=launch_banner&utm_content=Get+Your+Official+FetLife+Hoodie+Today
  • Gaming

    • Baldurs Gate 3 (Steam)
  • Vinyl

    • The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers - The Complete Recordings 5 Vinyl box set. Very rare. Expect ~300 euro or above. On Discogs Mint of Near Mint condition
      www.discogs.com https://www.discogs.com/release/12289306-Howard-Shore-The-Lord-Of-The-Rings-The-Two-Towers-The-Complete-Recordings
    • Fallout 4: Special Extended Edition Vinyl [VINYL] (rare, can only find second hand, could be several hundred euros. Only mint (M) of near mint (NM) condition)
      www.discogs.com https://www.discogs.com/release/13626737-Inon-Zur-Fallout-4-Deluxe-Vinyl-Soundtrack
    • The Theory of Everything - Ayreon - LP Set - 'Mint', 'Near Mint', or 'Very Good' (LP and Sleeve) (~150 euro)
      www.discogs.com https://www.discogs.com/sell/list?master_id=611768&ev=mb&format=Vinyl
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    • Sucker Punch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl) In Mint(M) or Near Mint(NM) quality
      www.discogs.com https://www.discogs.com/Various-Sucker-Punch-Original-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack/release/14760679
    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Ultimate Edition Vinyl Boxset [VINYL] (very hard to find (~ 100 euro)
    • 50x 12 Inch Antistatisch Vinyl LP Binnenhoezen
      www.amazon.nl https://www.amazon.nl/Antistatisch-Binnenhoezen-Antistatische-Afgeronde-Binnenhoes/dp/B00KDFNHMU
    • cyberpunk-2077-vinyl-3lp-set (anywhere you can get it)
      gear.cdprojektred.com https://gear.cdprojektred.com/en-eu/products/cyberpunk-2077-vinyl-3lp-set
    • LP Opbergsysteem - Vinyl Opberg Systeem – LP Kast - Platenrek – LP Rek – Platenhouder - Vinyl Rek - La Vinyl® - Zwart gepoedercoat Staal - Premium kwaliteit!
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